Monday 14 July 2014

Leman Russ Completed, Help Needed, and a Kickstarter Delivers

Firstly, on Saturday morning, I was pleased to receive my pledge from the "Trolls of Trudvang" Kickstarter by JoeK Minis. I'd been keeping an eye on this one and not really planning to pledge (not being a fan of the big troll) but then an option came up for just the little troll, who I kind of liked, so I bit.

My Microsoft Paint skills are
clearly not up to the level
that my hand painting ones are
JoeK Minis are the first Kickstarter I've ever backed to deliver everything I pledged for, and in a double win - they did so on time. I've made the above trophy of awesomeness for JoeK to celebrate this achievement alongside his many others.

This weekend, I also painted a Leman Russ Battle Tank I've had lying around assembled and unpainted for a Very Long Time. This is my third Leman Russ - I now have two normal ones and one Demolisher. I tried out the excellent battle damage tutorial which Games Workshop did, which I've linked to below.

Finally, I have a big problem. I was tinkering around with a Bloodletter to try out a few paint effects. In fact, I was incredibly happy with the ones I did on him - and then I royally stuffed up the base.

As you can see, the Agrellan Earth I was basing with has gotten all over the bottom of his legs (and also has come out horribly - I think I put it on too thick). Has anyone got any ideas for rescuing this - either making it look not terrible or getting the stuff off without ruining the rest of the paint job?

And finally, here's a teaser to what I'm working on next...

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