Thursday 17 July 2014

Battle Report, Slow Grow League Week 4: 750 pts vs Grey Knights

Once more, I found myself facing ClauseIV1918, but this time in the first Slow Grow League game at 750 points. His list had expanded to a second Chimera and a Dreadknight with an unfortunate teleportation habit. His Dreadnought had been given a refit to two sets of auto-cannons.

Meanwhile, I'd widened my army list with the addition of a Leman Russ Battle Tank, a Primaris Psyker, and a Priest. I chose Telekinesis for the psyker, and got the machine curse power. The mission was "Big Guns Never Tire", so I had to be careful for my Leman Russ.

He took the first turn and his Dreadknight used its teleport to get to behind the ruins in the middle of the board.

After the last battle where he'd suffered from the command squad melta guns, the Chimera got attention from pretty much all his long ranged guns.

The infantry then advanced up the field, spreading out to protect the characters.

The telekinesis didn't just give all the weapons Gets Hot but managed to cause a penetrating hit with the Haywire and got "Weapon Destroyed". It was a good first round.

The Dreadnought also took a light knock from a lucky shot.

The Dreadknight then decided to come through the conscripts to get to the crunchy Leman Russ behind them.

Much to his surprise, they didn't flee. The command squad skirted that fight to head for the enemy Chimera.

Meanwhile, the Grey Knights opened up on the Lord Commissar's squad, hoping to bring down the Warlord.

Meanwhile the Veterans advanced across the field, hoping to cause a killer blow to the Dreadknight, still stuck carving through the conscripts.

The command squad joined with the Lord Commissar to try and bring down the second Inquisitor - her Chimera wrecked by the melta guns.

The Veterans charged into the Dreadknight, but sadly, didn't quite cause enough damage to bring it down.

Meanwhile, the Lord Commissar and the command squad had a disagreement with the Inquisitor over methods of serving the Emperor.

The Dreadknight focussed its attacks on the Veterans until they fled.

And by this point, the Priest and the Psyker were running out of conscripts.

The fight between the Inquisitor and the Lord Commissar finally boiled down to a duel between the two of them.

Finally, a battle cannon shell forced Coteaz out of the wrecked remains of his Chimera.

And with a single wound left, the Lord Commissar dispatched the Inquisitor.

But sadly, the Dreadnought gave up on shooting the Leman Russ and decided to kick it to death instead.

While the Dreadknight finally rid itself of its troublesome Priest.

The surviving Veteran made a valiant attempt to bring down the Dreadknight, now down to its last wound, but it was to no avail.

ClauseIV1918 had some more terrible luck, though I don't recall precisely what was so funny that made me take a photo of his dice coming up all ones while trying hard not to laugh too hard...

The Dreadknight went for a wander, looking for who was left...

And found the Lord Commissar 'holding the objective'...

Sadly, at this point, the Lord Commissar's luck ran out, and my last model on the table died...

Post Match Analysis

That was much closer than the games I've had before. The Priest is amazing, and I want more of them! I think I was right in that I was lacking offensive firepower - and I don't think I've quite caught up yet. I'd been torn between a Manticore and the Leman Russ, but think the MBT was the right choice - it soaked up so much fire, while in the same time period, the Manticore would have been wrecked. I'm now trying to work out what to add for the 1,000 point level - though I have two more games to help me figure it out.


  1. It might have been more worth going Telepathy for the chance of Invisibility (plus Psychic Shriek is tasty), or Divination because Prescience is always reliably awesome. :-)

    1. Primaris Psykers don't get Telepathy. I'm avoiding Divination right now because I don't want to get reliant on it - I'm trying out the other power trees first.

  2. Priests rock! They are a real force multiplier. He kept an otherwise very run-away-prone unit in the field until they were stomped to the last man. Kept the Dreadknight busy for ages.
    Leman Russ'es are without a doubt one of the best tanks in the game!
    The double 1 was my Dread Knight trying to kill the final veteran, thus being tied up in CC for one more turn.