Monday 21 July 2014

A miraculous miracle, and a daemonic goal

I struggled through the heat to my painting desk this weekend to find a miraculous sight. My Bloodletter's base had cured itself! It turns out I'd layered the crackle paint on so thick it had taken about a week to dry!

I have also been rightly shamed and criticised by a good friend over a present I bought them years ago, with the intention of assembling and painting it for them as well, remains sitting in a box, un-started. I am now absolutely resolved to get this sorted by Christmas - this is doubly challenging, as it is the Forge World Keeper of Secrets, which is not a small job!

Still super pleased with that base
So, I took a serious look at what I need to do to make this happen. At the time of discussion, before the Bloodletter got finished, I had ten projects in progress, which is craziness and madness. I also had too many little niggly projects in the "not started" queue. Aaaand I had the Hobby Progress August challenge to get done.

So, I set myself the following things so my dear and lovely friend could see where her Daemon is in the queue:

In progress moved to done: 10
Start quick wins from the "to do" pile: 10
Guard Painting Commitment Started: 1
Guard Painting Commitment Finished: 1

I've now added this tracker to my "in progress" page so its all up on the net to shame me into action. And to motivate me further, I'm putting my allowance where my mouth is. If Ms Stabby is not painted by Christmas, I'm going to pay someone to do it - I'm putting money aside each month to cover it. Of course, I'm going to breeze this deadline with no problem and then I'll have put aside a nice little present for myself.

As a note, here's how I finally finished off the Bloodletter. Masking tape carefully protecting him while I "Purity Seal"ed the base so it stays where it is now. The gift wrapped blood letter just looked so silly I had to snap something of him.

That wasn't the only progress I made at the weekend. The Gunnarsen brothers, violent abhuman mercenaries, were also fully assembled.

And, just to make things interesting, I've signed up for a tournament at Dark Sphere on the first weekend of August ("Dakka on Bakka"), and I want to try and add a special something for then (my August commitment, in fact). Its likely I've only got half of the weekend between then and now available! Time to get busy...

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