Friday 3 April 2015

Monthly Targets: How did March do?

So, how did I do with finishing things in March?

These are some Raging Heroes models which are a Valentine's Day present to my wife from a few years back. I promised to prepare and undercoat them, and finally, these ones are done - there's still two more to do.

I've also sorted out the scrap markers for my Malifaux.

Commissions also count, but to keep this post "safe for work" you can go here to look at the Forge World Keeper of Secrets that Golem did for me, but it is lacking a little in the clothing department.

So, I succeeded in doing at least two things in a month. However, I did also buy three things, so I didn't quite manage to finish two more things than I bought! I'll cover the month's purchases in a different post as they're not easy to photograph where they are right now.


  1. Ungh ! Two more than me...

    1. Busy month? The original plan was to blitz painting over the long weekend, but it seems to have turned into a mix of assembly and tidying up.