Monday 6 April 2015

Stuff I got in March

As mentioned in my last post, I ended up buying a few bits and pieces which meant I didn't complete more projects than I bought. So, what was at fault?

The first culprit is Boatswain Rickard here, my entry into the Oldhammer Legacy Crew 2015 painting challenge. The idea is that everyone paints up a model to a theme (this year: Space Pirates) and then everyone's names are put in a hat and someone wins the crew.

The legs and backpack of the Boatswain are from a EM4 Miniatures' Space Ranger - I was given them many years ago while I was still at school. I felt that was suitably old school, and I haven't managed to find a use for them in two decades. The rest of the parts are from Anvil Industry. They have a nice look to them which works just fine. I considered adding an RTB01 pouch or ammo pack somewhere, but I couldn't find a suitable spot - for all that the old Space Ranger kit was a bit . . . primitive, there's a lot of sculpted detail.

The other purchase was two Mantis Battlesuits from The Miniatures Apprentice. You can currently buy them here, but I understand they're limited in supply. The flying one is currently showing as sold out!

This chap is new to the miniatures casting side of things, and I'm super impressed. You can see some of the lines from where the original was 3D printed, but a bit of fine sanding will clear that right up. The level of crisp detail is excellent, and these are really intricate kits.

I'm not a huge fan of the laser cut acrylic bases, but that's easy enough to fix. I was considering a nice resin display base or two for these ones anyway.

All in all, I'm really looking forward to the massive challenge that these kits are going to be. In that sort of "top of a rollercoaster" kind of way...


  1. Good luck ! Hope to catch up again at some point where I shall point out how not buying or starting new things means I am nibbling through my list.

    Not looking forward to the next (and last) KS delivering as it'll be quite a few figures.

    Oh cripes - I think I might have bought some space nuns as well. But they won't deliver until 2018....

    1. Kickstarters are a Problem. I have some due soon and I've bought into a few this year...