Sunday 26 April 2015

Salute 2015: Obligatory Materialist Post

I was tempted to call this year's post Salüt, but I wasn't sure how well Blogger would cope with that in a title...

First up, we have the Salute free miniature this year - an Agincourt model. I'm not sure what exactly I'll do with him, but I'm sure I'll think of something.

I picked up a few bits and pieces from Resina Planet. Vorfang is one of their Orc sculpts. Euphoria is a little skirmish game they had, and it came with four figures, so I thought I'd give it a go. That meant I spent enough money to get their show model - a character called Undertaker for Euphoria.

I picked up the "Moss Triad" of Foundry paint to try out on Vorfang. I saw someone else's Orc painted with these colours and thought it looked awesome. Lets see if I can replicate that...

Here are a few food themed Snorklings, sculpted by Kev Adams, that I got with my purchases at the Warmonger stand. Aren't they the adorablest?

Here are some chaos critters from Eureka Miniatures. They're a bunch of weird things based on the paintings of Bosch and Breugel. They're not up on the website yet, but I'm told they will be relatively soon. Eureka were also running a game of Two-up because of Anzac Day, although I didn't participate.

Then I went to EM4 Miniatures. They have Many Things. But what I was looking for primarily was their Scavenger range, which I have been looking at thoughtfully for a while since I saw them on someone else's blog a while ago. They are apparently originally by someone else, but EM4 bought them up when the original company went under.

I also got these "Phagons" from EM4 Miniatures, which are from an old "Spacelords" range. You can't get them on the EM4 website, but you can see a lot of what they have on the Spacelords Facebook Page. Obviously, I'll be using these as Beastmen.

 Here's my Hasslefree purchases this year. Unfortunately, it looks like Boudi and Maika have both taken a small knock due to my careless handling since I bought them. Still, I'm reasonably sure both are salvageable - but it does remind me to be careful of metal miniatures, as they can get damaged just as easy as resin ones with bad handling.

I bought a Sea Queen from Paranoid Miniatures. They're working on a Cthulu inspired game which seems to be called Mythos.

Continuing the aquatic and tentacle theme, here's a Squiddo from the Dice Bag Lady. She doesn't just do Dice Bags now. She's stocking a wide range of sensibly dressed female miniatures, and is also starting to commission her own.

The last thing I picked up at Salute were a few bits and pieces of Reaper Bones from DMB Games. Their main thing is dungeon parts, but they had some boxes of Reaper Bones minis to pick through, so I grabbed some bits and pieces - a Gorgon, some Kobolds, a couple of Hobgoblins, and some Goblins.

Oh yes. Goblins.

It seems that Salute this year was the year of the Goblin Related Accident. Here's a wide range of goblins from Midlam Miniatures. You may remember them from last year's Salute post for their game Stalagbite. I also got their Imps to use as a different "tribe" of Goblins.

I also got the Daywatch from Northumbrian Tin Soldier's "Nightfolk" range. I'm planning on getting some more of the Nightfolk when I've finished painting the ones I have and my wallet has stopped crying.

I got a whole bunch of goblins from Otherworld Miniatures too. They have a pretty wide range of classic D&D style stuff. Sadly (or perhaps fortunately for me) they'd sold out of some of their other goblin models by this point.

I didn't pick up a huge amount from Heresy this year, as I have a Kickstarter order coming from them. Still, a goblin command group will come in handy for all the goblins I've already got, right?

 And here is where the goblin madness started... I bought a bunch of the new goblins from Warmonger Miniatures. They have a definite old school feel, and I'll be the first to admit I like some a lot more than others. Still, they have sent me down a path of goblinoid madness...


  1. Is this the point where the title of your blog starts looking a bit ... inaccurate?

    1. I think I'm going to have to work a bit to restore the responsibility. If it helps, I am already prepping and assembling some models!

  2. I think 'responsible one' is a relative term.

    1. I managed to spend more than the wife, which is a bit of a first!

  3. A nice haul of miniatures from Salute.
    I missed the Northumbrian Tin Soldier stand, I might have to look at getting some of those 'Daywatch'.
    It was a fun day, and good to meet with you. :)

    1. You should definitely have a look at their Nightfolk range - there's a few potential goblins in among them.