Monday 13 April 2015

Painting a little bit of Oldhammer - Chaos Thug

The Oldhammer Forum is running a few painting challenges at the moment. One is "I've Never Painted a . . . before - the Fantasy 100 Club".

The simple premise was to enter a figure you've never painted before.

This was pretty easy for me, as my Oldhammer painting history is woeful. I had a Chaos Thug ready to go, so I painted him! A lot of people have been talking about hour long speed paints, so I did that too and spent 58 minutes on him for the sake of getting things done quickly.

The purple is to hint at him being a bit Slaanesh, which is the direction I seem to be taking my chaos stuff at the moment.


  1. Thugalicious.

    Speed painting AND Fantasy 100 Club . . you managed two do two challenges at the same time? Well done, sir!

    1. I don't really count the speed painting thing as it was mostly just a mechanism for me to actually put paint to a model and not faff for hours worrying about colour choices and getting every brush stroke "just so".

      I'll probably do a dedicated speed paint at some point, too...