Monday 11 May 2015

Assemble all the things!

I've not been very inspired by the paintbrush recently, but I have been happily plugging away at cleaning up models and assembling them.

First up are the Snorklings. Some of these I picked up with my Warmonger Miniatures goblin purchase. Others were from Foundry's Goblinaid pack. Some of them are meant to be part of a "set", where I don't have all of them (one is meant to be leaning on a cart, but I have no cart, and the snorkling rider whose mount is eating a friend is meant to have another Snorkling with a rope trying to hold it back), but I managed to tinker about with them until they looked OK.

A lot of the Snorklings are doing relatively domestic things. I have a strange and unrepentant love for the baggage trains of 3rd Edition Fantasy. And I am not the only one. As such, in my head, when I have an assembled Oldhammer army with a glorious and complicated baggage train, these chaps will deployed near it as hangers on lurking around for scraps, but also a useful tarpit to get through if you really want to see what a goblin keeps in his cart...

As I'd opened the Goblinaid blister, I thought I might as well get Little Kev sorted out. Quick cleaning off of the flash, bit of glue, a little sandy paste, and he's ready for undercoating. Even small progress is progress!

The assembly stuff is also working well for me because I can do little bursts and come back to it. With the model below, I only really got him out on Sunday, got him cleaned up, his arms on and a pin in the foot in a couple of passes over Sunday, and then glued him to the base and added the brass etch this evening in between taking the photos of the other models for the blog.

Wow. My photos seem to be really blurry today. I've managed to focus on the feet and not the head here. This is a Prowler with Spitfire for Infinity. He's one of a couple of models I bought with my prize voucher for coming third in the Dark Sphere Slow Grow League. His base and etched brass facing marker are by Antenocitis Workshop.

I'm trying to be better now about turning around stuff relatively quickly when it comes in, although there are strange and complicated rules about this in my head. Execution Force I'm holding off on until I've finished assembling the Space Wolves from Stormclaw, for example.

I know, academically, I'd much rather be getting models completely finished - painted, based and ready for play. But I don't want to push myself into doing something I'm not inspired by right now - this is a hobby for enjoyment, after all. So, I'm getting productive stuff done with the hobby, and if I don't feel too guilty, I can put some undercoated models down - at least it's better than proxies, right?


  1. Nice to see some progress.

    1. I'm glad to see it, too. :)

      Part of it is that I'm trying to worry less about what I 'should' do, but rather on what I want to get done...

  2. Yay less proxies, will that mean less Zoe & Pi Well?

    1. I'm still lacking in specialists, heavy on SWC, and considering going Bakunin, so I'm afraid that Zoe and Pi-Well are likely to be around for a while yet!

    2. Also, I'm going to regret this, but have a serious look at Maakrep, Yaogat (especially Yaogat) and Charontids... They make ODD cry.