Monday 4 May 2015

Monthly Targets: April - Well, we knew it was a write off, didn't we?

With Salute being in April, we knew it was going to be a write off in terms of purchases. Still, I managed to be moderately productive, and did get two projects finished!

It's been all Oldhammer this month. You've already seen my Chaos Thug, painted for a challenge on the Oldhammer forum.

This is Boatswain Rickard. I previously showed him unpainted, as one of my acquisitions last month. I'm really happy he's been turned around the following month and done. He's not got a base as that's the rules for this Oldhammer forum challenge he's for. He'll be winging his way off shortly to join the rest of the pirate crew - one lucky participant then gets the crew and can base them accordingly.

So, on to May! I'm onto a shaky start already as I seem to have acquired an Execution Force box...


  1. Yep, he is good.

    And slightly differently, was that really Mrs One's Chaos Reaver ?

    1. It was a commission piece, but every part of it is her work. :-)

  2. Very moody paint job, I dig it!