Saturday 30 May 2015

Failure to launch

Here's a better picture of the Prowler with Spitfire. I really need to not rush taking photos for the blog!

Over the bank holiday weekend, I did some work on the Grey Hunters from the Storm Claw boxed set.

I really didn't get very far at all! I was originally going to make this post a bit of a moan about not getting things done, but with the benefit of hindsight, I was properly wiped out at the start of last weekend and really needed the break. The fact I got a little progress is a happy bonus.


  1. It was a hard weekend for productivity. I managed to construct and undercoat some simple terrain.

    I just needed to get my work-space and parts better organised. I'm in the middle of that right now. Then hopefully I shouldn't find it so difficult to just sit and get on with projects.

    Looking forward to seeing progress on the Grey Hunters. I haven't seen a Space Wolf project in a while.

    1. There's a whole bunch of clearing up going on here, too, but I don't really blog that often. It's not that interesting to other people!

      The Space Wolves are likely to get assembled, undercoated and put away, I'm afraid. I've got some rough ideas for a paint scheme for them, but the main motivation to get them done at the moment is a combination of their sprues being quite awkward to store and wanting some bits of their sprues for another project, and not wanting to pilfer until the proper models are assembled first!