Saturday 23 May 2015

Battle Report: Being Picked On By Dark Eldar

So, a while ago, I got a battle in against a friend of mine playing the new Dark Eldar Codex. I was biblically slack about getting it written up, but here it is, finally!

There was a definite disparity as far as the board was concerned - my deployment zone was full, while his had some small squads and a smattering of Talos.

And this is taking into account I had a whole bunch of assassins.

They were scattered all over the table.

With the Vindicare being in a good spot to put holes in things.

The Callidus, meanwhile, jumped out in the enemy deployment zone for extra mayhem.

Soon enough, the assassins were in combat with the Talos. It turns out, they're not very good at killing monstrous creatures.

The Eversor was rolling terribly. He should probably have been able to get one.

And then, webway portals with a Raider full of Grotesques with Liquifiers.

And then there's one less squad.

The command HQ bail out of their wrecked Chimera.

The Ratlings try very hard not to be threatening.

Meanwhile, one of the squads on the flank goes to hold up a Talos, which has dispatched the assassin facing it.

There will shortly follow a demonstration of why masses of template weapons suck for Guard.

This was one shooting phase.

Most of the Command Squad are dead, the Guardsmen are in combat with a Talos.

They manage to hold it off OK.

The Vindicare takes a shot at the Dark Eldar Warlord, hoping for a cheap victory point.

But a squad of Incubi are on the way to put paid to his efforts.

The last Guardsmen on the board before the tabling are the ones facing the Talos.

All in all, I was outplayed and out list designed. I had nothing that could deal with Talos, and nothing to deal with deep striking Grotesques. I've not played 40K since this game - I'm still trying to think of something that Guard have which can deal with this design of list. I'm kind of stuck.


  1. AV14 tanks? The Eversor is also generally a bit poo, the Culexus is amazing at dispatching MCs though. :-)

    1. I few people seem to be suggesting I had insufficient tanks...

    2. Guard strengths are tanks and quantity of men & firepower, as I understand it, with a side-helping of air power and last-minute objective grabbing out of said fliers... ? Have you thought about trying such cheese as a Guard blob with allied Azrael?

    3. My blob had a psychic 4+ invulnerable save when it got hit by the liquifiers, and still got basically wiped out.

  2. Tanks and barrage superiority. Chimeras are excellent, and heavy flamers on open-topped dark-eldar transports will do D6 hits to the occupants as well.

    Hellhounds would be a good choice there.

    1. Thanks. I've got another Hellhound back from assembly recently, so that might be something to try.

  3. Tanks.

    Or if you're playing a small 1000 point game, ensure you put over 100 bodies on the table. Unless you're facing Nids, then stick to tanks.

    I just make this shite up, y'know ? I don't play much...

    1. I have been known to throw out over fifty bodies in 500 point games. It causes a delightful amount of panic. :)

  4. The terrain looks very muddy. They didn't even get massacred on a nice day.

    Every time I've played guard, I've been massacred. I've taken to running the last few guys off the table so they can't say they killed everyone.

    1. Yeah, the table desperately needs painting, but it belongs to the wife, so I can at least claim it's not me delaying in doing it!