Monday 29 February 2016

Goblins, Snorklings, month and and next month's plans...

So, I'm continuing with trying to get a model a week painted so there's something pretty for people to look at when they come to the blog. Or in this case, ugly. Here's some Snorklings, sculpted by Kev Adams. I got these with the Kev Adams self portrait sculpt I painted a while back that Foundry sold for GoblinAid.

I painted these up to check I was happy with my planned colour scheme for the goblins. Quite happy with that!

The main activity of the weekend was goblin assembly. I spent a bit of time trying to work out how this Goblin Spear Chukka went together before realising that the central piece of it was missing. I bought it cheap, sold as seen, due to a damaged blister. I'm going to have to be creative to sort this one out!

I was hoping to get about twenty or so goblins assembled this weekend. I've managedt complete these four shaman and a squiggly beast familiar. An internet gold star for anyone who can name the company / caster for all of these! (This does really show off the sort of thing I'm looking for with my goblins - a rag tag bunch of greenskins from many different suppliers!)

The plastic GW goblin shaman needs to stay in the pieces he's in for painting, as getting a paint brush into some of the nooks and crannies would be otherwise near impossible! There still needs to be a little work on the mould lines on the staff, but it is super fiddly, and I didn't want to rush it!

So, with the February project having been goblin assembly, I've not been hugely successful. They are at least organised, and I know how much effort assembling and painting them will be. For now, I'm going to keep a handful on the assembly desk as I move through other things, trying to get a few done a week until I've got a couple of units assembled up.

I've also put a little bit of fiction on my goblin project page. As units get assembled and / or painted, I'll get pictures and background put up there.

This is the March target. It does look like a lot when you pile it all together. Not all of it is purchases - due to being away at Christmas, we had a late family Christmas in February, so I have many presents! The idea is to get this lot all assembled in the course of the month.

It can be broadly broken down into:

  • The Chaos models I wanted that went onto Last Chance to Buy
  • An Age of Sigmar force using Bretonnian peasants as survivors of a lost kingdom of the mortal realms (because I was afraid they were going to become Last Chance to Buy)
  • Skitarii (present)
  • Arcane Ruins (present)
  • Arco Flagellants (present)
  • Arcworlde Boglin Bazaar
This is certainly an ambitious target. Some might say "brave". But I'm determined to start dealing with  models as they come in! Hopefully, I'll get a couple of speed paints in as palate cleansers as I slog through the mould line removal and gluing!

Wish me luck...


  1. "Hopefully, I'll get a couple of speed paints in as palate cleansers as I slog through the mould line removal and gluing!"

    How do you balance the work load/speed painting with that sinking feeling you get after you look at a finished model and think to yourself: "Man.. I totally could have taken this model 10 steps farther"? I'm so desperately torn between pushing my skills and splashing colour on my growing collection of primed minis...

    1. Pretty excited to see this rag-tag army of goblins come together btw! I've got some GW stuff mixed with confrontation myself. Lol the aesthetics don't really mix.

    2. I still try and push myself with speed paints in a different way. I try and do better in the time limit I've set. Every time I do a non speed paint medium quality I'll try and do something new.

      I can always come back to a model to add things later. I do sometimes get distracted though - my goblin pirate ended up with way more detail than planned!

      I'm really curious as to how the goblins will go. I think it will hit home when I get the first unit assembled and under coated.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! Its not a small target, but I feel like I've built up a good head of steam.

  3. The Snorklings look great. I've got to do something with mine one day. Just painting O&G is way down my list right now for some reason...

    Not that my own advice is worth much, but I'd leave all that other stuff aside (except for perhaps a palette cleanser) and just knuckle down on the goblins first until they're done. Then pick another "force" (or just unit) and go again.

  4. Good reason to be happy, they look great! :D Cheers!