Monday 22 February 2016

The Infinity Problem

Some of you will remember that this time last year, I got all excited about Infinity. I played (and did rather well) in a slow grow league. I attended Wartrader's Winter Challenge. I also went to the first Totally Crit Open. And then . . . silence. What went wrong?

Well, lets be honest - the first big problem is model assembly. It is an absolute pain and while I can slowly but surely put one or two together over a bunch of time while doing something else, getting a full force together has proved painful!

So, first decision - I still want to paint my Nomads, but they can go off to someone else to assemble. I'm shopping around for quotes at the moment and it looks quite reasonable.

I also keep looking thoughtfully at other armies. I am liking how Nomads play, but it does feel like a lot of people play Nomads and as most of us got into Nomads through Icestorm, there's a lot of similarities between forces.

Still, I could keep them and keep growing the force. There's plenty of models I've not tried yet, and ways I could expand the force. I kind of feel paralysed a bit by the incoming Human Sphere as part of me would like to do a Sectorial, but with potential rules changes and a bunch of figures already bought that cross all the potential Sectorials, I have put work and money into stuff I then wouldn't be using. Jumping between vanilla and sectorial is still a valid option, though!

Then, because I bought Icestorm, I do still have PanOceania models. They don't seem as popular as Nomads, and despite being the 'generic' faction, don't seem to get much love. I certainly wouldn't pick them as a first faction, as they are not my usual play style at all, but I am rather interested in giving them a run at some point to try and understand them better.

The other problem is that I'm a contrary person who likes playing factions no-one else is playing. When Corvus Belli published the 2015 ITS statistics about who plays what, among other things, I started looking at the forces that hardly anyone plays. I ignored the lack of USAriadna as they're a new faction, and steered clear of the massively in need of a re-write Shasvastii, but started browsing the Imperial Service, Acontecimento and Haqqislam in particular. I even had a glance at the Merovingians!

I am definitely not going to dive into a new faction now, but it occurred to me that this could be a good use for the Anvil Industry Afterlife figures I picked up in their Kickstarter. A few proxy games will let me work out if I love to death one of these factions more than the Nomads, without investing years of my life in collecting and assembling!


  1. Lovely minis, the first one is so cute! Beautiful artwork!:)

    1. Only the last one is mine. The first was a photo I took of one of my opponents Warcors...

    2. They´re both great - yours is not supposed to be cute...;) Cheers!


    No ?? I'll get my coat...