Thursday 18 April 2019

Salute: Cool Companies

First thing I noticed was that TT Combat has a new Infinity range of scenery. They were doing a fantastic full table scenery deal on the day prior to the full release, but I am trying to go mostly pre-painted these days and already have most of a table. The new flat definitely can't fit a second table worth of terrain!

Bad Squiddo had a bunch of new releases - some jesters, a new orc berserker, and a bunch of ATS, their new scenery line, a retail release for some of their post apocalyptic figures and a bunch of other small bits and bobs. A whole ton of this is now available either for sale or pre-order on their site, so if you missed Salute, you can still go and pick it up now.

Anvil Industry had a few of their new Commissars available, along with a bunch of "miscast bags" where you could get a ton of random product for a knock down price as a few bits of it were miscast. They're doing a lot of cool stuff these days and are well worth a look.

I mentioned the game Briskars by French company TGCM in a previous post, and I managed to take a whole bunch of photos of their figures.

You apparently need only four or five models to play (I suspect it's a little more than that, but not by much). And there's a wide range of stuff.

As far as I understand it, there's no real factions as such so you don't have to take the models from the same faction if you don't want to. Not sure how much of a big deal this is if you don't. I'll look into it when I get a little time.

There's a massive range of different animals and figures in the range. I'm hoping that means those of my friends who are interested will all find different figures of interest.

That said, we may have some problems. I utterly love these penguins (they're what tipped me over into buying the book).

Fortunately, the amazing dodo models are used for objectives and stuff, so it doesn't matter if we all end up with dodos.

No models bought yet, but I suspect it's really only a matter of time. I want to see a squid sword fight a panda...


  1. Very cool stuff! Looks like Briskars will also let us answer the ancient question of whether a bear or a shark would win in a fight!

    1. Hopefully I'll pick up some models and have an answer within a year or two. :)