Monday 3 June 2019

Infinity League: Druze vs Vanilla ALEPH - Highly Classified

Our Infinity League is still going on, and doesn't allow you to swap what army you're playing, so I'm still plugging along with my Druze in it. Due to the odd number of players, this game I ended up with a round against a "ringer" player so we don't have a bye.

The mission: Highly Classified. The opponent: Vanilla ALEPH. Weeks since I'd played Infinity: Lost count.

I dropped my link and a bunch of bots out on the right hand side, the link able to go up the middle or swing right or left as needed.

My HVT went on the extreme left, as most of the classified missions drawn involved interacting with it. I made it appear lightly guarded but had Saito Togan covering the approach.

First mistake - I advanced my Forward Observer bot up the right hand flank and didn't realise I could score two objective points for my secret classified by passing a WIP roll out of line of sight of the HVT but within 8 inches. Instead went to shoot a line troop that turned out to be a holo-projector illusion masking a really tough named character.

With my remaining orders, I advanced up the link team and prepared for a bit of a counter attack. It was as brutal as expected - I lost the HMG, and a whole bunch of other models. However, he ran out of orders deep in my lines so with a bit of carefully manoeuvring I was able to shoot him in the back a few times until he fell over.

With what was left of my orders and link team, I tried to advance up the table a bit further, but holding back so I didn't get wiped out before the final turn.

A drop troop came in to try and deal with the HVT. I revealed Saito to shoot them unopposed but he managed to pass his armour save. The Aleph player then advanced up his Multi-Spectral Visor, which ignored all of Saito's camouflage and took him down.

In the end, there were too many models moved over to guard the HVT and I couldn't break through. The ALEPH player managed to come out and split shotgun shots, taking out pretty much everyone I needed to complete the mission. With a few careful uses of orders, he was able to score enough points that there was very little I could do.


  1. I have to ask ... what are you using as buildings in this game? They look absolutely banging! I'm guessing office supplies of some kind, but there also seem to be proper doors on some ... ?

    1. Made by a club mate from acrylic using a laser cutter. Sadly, this type of acrylic doesn't glue well so they've not held up to sustained use. :(