Saturday 1 June 2019

WarhammerFest: New Models

There were a whole bunch of new and exciting models at WarhammerFest this year. I'm currently on a big Age of Sigmar interest kick, so the new models for WarCry interested me in particular. These are some flying beasts of some kind.

One of the new warbands, which have been previewed before, but was good to see in the flesh. I'm really curious how they got that lovely bronze armour effect.

Another warband, this one from the Realm of Beasts. Lots of bone weapons and a critter friend.

New Fury models are coming. The old ones are incredibly old and tired, particularly when you look at how ridiculously dynamic these ones are. Definitely excited by these.

Another warband was announced for Warcry at the event. This is a creepy snake cult, including at least one chaotic aelf. Curious for this new game now!

There's also a Skitarii transport coming for the Adeptus Mechanicus. I love the weird hover vehicle / opened top look to it.

And a very retro / hovercraft look to the back end of it, with fins behind turbines to steer.

You can also build it as some kind of tank thing as well. That front end looks very retro sci fi!

Meanwhile, on the Forgeworld side of things, the Armiger Knights got some resin add ons, which I really like the look of.

My understanding is that they're for Heresy, but will have rules in normal 40K as well. You can see the super heavy drill transport, based on the old Epic Mole, on the shelf below, too.

There's also this giant knight that's getting close to Warhound size. I haven't learned it's name yet.

There were some painted examples of the new knight kits I managed to get a picture of as well. This one is painted as one of the rebel houses from the Heresy.

This Mechanicum knight has a bunch of weird techno weapons that will likely do terrible things.

I believe the kids would call this an "absolute unit"? That's all my pictures of new stuff from WarhammerFest, but I've still got photos of other stuff I saw while I was there still to come...

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