Monday 17 June 2019

Necromunda: The Van Saar Gang Attempts a Rescue

I got an opportunity for another game of Necromunda the other week, with a rescue game against my first Van Saar opponent.

I still had my Bounty Hunter available after my last game, and I drew him as one of the guards. It turns out that you should take hirelings like this in addition to anyone else in the gang, but we only found out afterwards.

Here's another of my gang, guarding the prisoner.

And another guard, wandering about.

I was pretty unlucky with my guard control rolls, and they wandered off all over the place.

The Van Saar gang snuck up on the prisoner...

My juve models hadn't arrived, so I'd grabbed a couple of goblin models to represent them. They then played like goblins really well, completely failing to notice a Van Saar sneaking about in the open.

Nope, still don't spot them..

The prisoner then freakishly managed to break their own bonds and, due to the way the sentry rules are written, peg it from under everyone's noses without them noticing.

The bounty hunter proceeded to badly shoot up the Van Saar leader.

The gang start pouring back on.

The Van Saar will be in trouble now! To cap it all off, a hail more bolter shells take the gang leader out of action, and he's killed - complete with botched doctor roll!

The vengeful hail of energy weapons messes up the gang quite badly, so, the prisoner already rescued, they peg it before someone gets badly hurt...

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