Monday 24 June 2019

WarhammerFest: When a model sparks an idea...

While I was pottering about WarhammerFest, I noticed the above models in a display case. At first, I thought they were some new Blood Angels, but chatting with the sculptor, it turns out that they are some Adeptus Custodes from Forge World.

Given I was already considering a force of Custodes as part of an army defending the underhives of Terra from assorted threats, and I adore these models, the idea became more tempting. Once I discover that their background is that they lurk in the aeries of the hive spires of Terra before diving down on the threats they spot, I was sold.

I can't remember, dear reader, if I've mentioned this concept on the blog before. The other part of the force is a bunch of Primaris Vanguard Marines from the Imperial Fists, and maybe some Inquisition or Sisters of Battle. I particularly love the image of a covert ops team sneaking around with eight foot tall super humans clad in armoured ceramite. But you can tell they're sneaking because they have a camouflage cloak over the top...

Still, it sparked a few interesting thoughts in me about how seeing a model in passing can either spark or develop an idea or project far beyond what you'd expect. Creativity is funny that way...


  1. . . . . . and expensive ;0)

  2. It's always nice to be inspired by an event. I remember that reading the Gaunt's Ghosts books made me start an Astra Militarum army ages ago.

    1. I suspect it did for a lot of people! My Guard habit pre-dates those books, though...