Monday 8 July 2019

Infinity League: Druze vs Steel Phalanx, Transmission Matrix

Having not played Infinity in a while, it was time for another round of the Infinity League where I'm playing my Druze. Up this round was the mission "Transmission Matrix", where you need to try and control more antennae than your opponents. This is thrown a twist by all the antennae also being Repeaters for both sides. This means that Hackers on both sides can affect and be affected by other models for most of the board.

The Druze are OK at the Hacking game. However, not remembering how good the Steel Phalanx's hackers are, and assuming they'd be pretty good, I decided a better approach would be to go without any Hackers and make do with other specialists.

Having been forced to deploy first, I gritted my teeth and chose to go second as well, because capturing antennae back seemed less scary than trying to hold them from the assault specialists that Steel Phalanx represent.

You can't see him, but Saito Togan is hiding behind the bench next to the central console here.

I managed to snipe out Penthesilea as she advanced with a fortunate long ranged ARO. The rest of my opponent's orders were spent bunching up around the antennae to hold the two near his deployment zone. Then I, like a monster, ran on a Bashi Bazouk with E/Maulers (E/M mines that can isolate enemy units meaning they can't receive much in the way of orders).

Outside of the photos, I moved a camo token over to the middle antennae and shuffled a couple of figures up to stand my my antennae to score the round.

My opponent first wisely tried to get Phoenix to obliterate the drop troop and the mines with an incendiary round, but was unlucky as my Hunzakut camo sniper revealed and took him down with a lucky hit, while his shot towards the mines went wide.

That left him little choice but to dodge with the link team. Ajax was safe but two of them ended up isolated, stuck only able to use their own orders in their turn. The Bashi was righteously gunned down in retaliation, but that was about it.

For my turn two, I ran my link team across the field. First the HMG drew a careful bead on Ajax and obliterated him. Even in a not great range, five dice and link bonuses do a lot! Then, I moved up my Data Tracker Druze to take out the "Designated Target" civilian who was hiding behind the shuttle.

I was now 7-0 up and my opponent was very short on orders. They mostly bunkered down to try and avoid losing any more troops.

I moved a Hunzakut around the corner to the two isolated Myrmidions and blasted them with a shotgun. With them unconscious, it was relatively easy to walk a Druze over to stand in base to base contact with one for my Classified Objective, giving me a clean 10-0 sweep of the board.

Both I and my opponent were a bit out of practice at Infinity, but in this case it seems that the game was swung more or less by my remembering a bit more of the tactics and rules than my poor opponent, who never really had a chance to get off the starting blocks.

Still, I'm taking it easy at the moment with Infinity. I'll be finishing up the league with my Druze then looking to get some games in with Dahshat, and hopefully looking to get something else painted up once the hobby room is ready.

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