Monday 1 July 2019

Necromunda: More Orlock on Orlock action

A while back, I got another game in at HATE in the Necromunda campaign. This was against one of the other Orlock gangs in the same campaign, but a slightly more experienced players.

They used one of their territories to infiltrate a bunch of their fighters, which was super good.

They all came out behind a door and opened fire on the gang.

My champion who'd run out of ammunition decided to charge in and try and punch them to death...

But then the gang bottled and all this lot ran away, the cowards.

This seems to be part of the swingy nature of a Necromunda campaign. Sometimes someone will get lucky or unlucky and suddenly a gang will bottle out early and lose a campaign. This swingy luck on the individual games is less of a bother when you've got a longer campaign because it will average out over time, but I could see it being super annoying during a one off game.

Still, I'm having fun, even when I'm getting flanked, shot up and running away!


  1. We've had that happen a couple of times in our perpetual campaign. The last one was an ambush on my Escher that lasted 20 minutes. The GSC put 4 out of 6 gangers down in one round of incredible shooting and they bottled immediately....and being Escher, the entire gang melted away thanks to their lousy cool stat.
    Fortunately, we just had another beer and discussed ways to overcome the swinginess in a perpetual campaign (ie. we talked crap and drank beer) so we still enjoyed the night ;-)

    1. Pretty much! It's excellent for narrative campaigns, and the swingy-ness helps that.