Monday 15 July 2019

Malifaux Third Edition, First Thoughts

I recently picked up the new book for Malifaux 3rd edition. I really enjoyed playing Malifaux a while back, but it was one of the casualties of the house move. I hear that as the game expanded towards the end of second edition, it got a bit unwieldy and had a few balance issues between newer and older profiles.

One of the changes in the new edition is that Malifaux has taken their continuity forward, and as a result, taken a number of Masters out of play. One of the affected Masters is Collodi, the living puppet I've been playing so far.

They've also stopped having Mercenary models that can be taken by any faction. I had a reasonable collection of unassembled figures to use those rules, and conveniently, they're mostly Outcasts.

So, I'll be taking a little break from the Neverborn for a little while and starting up an Outcast crew. It seems likely I'm going to start with either the Viktorias or the Parker Barrows gang. I'll need to assemble and paint them, so they'll likely be one of the earlier things I paint once we've got the work bench available again.

I'm not abandoning the Neverborn forever. I really like the look of the new Dreamer crew, and I still really rather like both Zoraida and Lucius. I can also put together a weird little puppet crew using either the Widow Weaver or Hinamatsu, so I'll definitely return to puppets one day!

If you're interested in the new Malifaux, I think the best discussion of the new game / rules that I've heard have been by the Schemes and Stones podcast. They've done two podcasts, depending on whether you're:

I'll hopefully update my project page later on to talk more about what I'm planning with Malifaux.


  1. New edition, eh? Malifauxs one that we played loads and loads of in 1st edition, then it petered out for a while until 2nd gave it a boost as we campaigned for a while, then it fell dormant again and is more or less dead now. I cashed out of my stuff - wish I hadn't sold my Lady J though.

    1. Yeah, it's had massive ups and downs over the years. The new edition seems to have a lot of people excited. Apparently a lot cleaner and easier to play - which is matched from my initial skim of the rules.