Monday 22 July 2019

Necromunda: A little firefight with the Cawdor

Our Necromunda campaign continued with me receiving a challenge for some new turf from a Cawdor gang.

I finally managed to get my Heavy Stubber ganger to shoot! He's not managed to do that yet.

A couple of Cawdor got shot up pretty bad!

Meanwhile, a Cawdor with a long rifle was taking shots at people.

Meanwhile, my Squat bounty hunter managed to miss and run out of ammo on his first shot.

One of my new juves got caught in the cross fire and got properly mangled up!

And then my Heavy Stubber managed to miss and run out of ammunition, and I decided it was time for the gang to peg it before it got any worse!

I need to find some time to have a sit down and sort out the gang as we're now going into a downtime period and I need to work out what to get.


  1. Good stuff! Like the table/minis. And don't you just love it when someone manages to run out of ammo on the first turn!

    1. "I've got this amazing gun, but forgot to bring my bullets..."