Monday, 2 September 2019

A Wizard and a couple of Skaven test paints

So, I've finished the Reaper Bones "Darius the Blue". He's almost all Contrast Paints, but I did a little bit of hand squiggling for the writing in the book, and drybrushed a couple of areas where the pooling was too much of a problem - particularly on his hat. Some of the blues definitely have a green look to them, but I like how he's turned out, so I'm not too concerned.

There are a couple of areas I'd tidy up if I was using him in an army - the 3D printing failed clean up pre-moulding is still super visible on the cloak, and there's a mould line on his finger I missed. I'd like to do more with the mouse fur too. But he's reached "that'll do" and has achieved his goal of letting me learn a bit more about contrast paint and reminding me how this painting lark works.

Looking forward in the hobby week, I've got a game of 40K lined up at the end of the week to try out the "new" edition. (I know, I know!). I've then got my very last League game of last season's Infinity League on the Sunday. They'll probably make it up on the blog eventually - I've still got my previous league game and a practice game with Dahshat company to write up.

I've got the last Empire LRP of the season coming up the weekend after, so I'll try and schedule some posts while I recover from that. I've then got two whole weeks booked off work where it's likely to mostly be a stay at home holiday, and I'll hopefully get a bunch of hobby done. My bases for Malifaux have finally turned up so I've got a crew to assemble along with the Skaven army. So much plastic glue!

The first two of the Skaven army test paints are getting to the point where I can start thinking about what I like about them. Both of these have been base coated with plain Wraithbone.

Skin: Fyreslayer Flesh
Fur: Gore-grunta Fur
Metal: Boltgun Metal
Inside of ears: Volupus Pink
Eyes: Iyanden Yellow
Wood: Wyldwood
Base: Aggaros Dunes, some Seraphim Sepia where it didn't go into the recesses

The Skaven on the left had his tail done in Volupus Pink and the one on the right thinned down Darkoath Flesh. Left has his clothes done in Skeleton Horde, the right in Iyanden Yellow.

My initial thoughts are that I'm broadly happy with the skin recipe. I don't like the pink tail so I'll likely switch over to just using the skin recipe on that for ease of painting. Gore-grunta fur is OK for the fur, but I might consider a drybrush with a lighter colour or trying some other fur colours later on.

I rather like the yellow eyes, but if I choose the yellow cloth I'll probably move away from that as it'll look too similar. I don't like the Skeleton Horde for all the cloth - I think it will end up looking too dull and fade into the background. I might use it among the cloth on the hordes as long as everyone has the chosen colour somewhere on them.

I really like the yellow cloth effect, but would want to dirty it up. I'm curious to see how the yellow on the pre-dirtied Skaven will look, as that might end up being my Verminus look...

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