Monday 30 September 2019

Planning for hobby in last quarter 2019

Managed to get some painting and assembly done this weekend! First up, I finished up the Bones "Ti'ik Warrior" I'd previously started. He's a quick paint job with Contrast Paints. I undercoated with Army Painter white, as I've found that sticks to Bones Plastic better than GW Primers. I then used Wraithbone and Grey Seer Base paints over the top of that to be certain the Contrast paints had something to stick to.

After that, they worked like a dream. It was a nice quick paint job and I'm pretty happy with it.

Also, when packing to go on holiday the other week, I found the Chaos Warrior from the paint and take at the Age of Sigmar Open Day in January. I'd not based him, so got that done for a cheeky finished model.

I also varnished my previously painted Bones minis . . . and then dropped the poor wizard onto a concrete floor. Here's a pic of the damage (it's not too bad) and I've now tidied it up.

I've assembled and undercoated three Reaper Bones Black "Dreadmere Mercenaries". I'm definitely impressed with the new Bones Black material. It's kind of the quality of the mid quality board game pieces, and definitely worthwhile for rank and file troops or D&D monsters. I'll be posting a separate review of the stuff later.

I'm also painting these following the method "El Soldado Tranquilo" describes on his blog. My idea, with the new Cities of Sigmar being up for pre-order at the moment, is to paint them as three residents of different cities, now available to hire by those who need a cheap sell sword.

I've also finished assembling my first Malifaux figure for 3e. This is "Viktoria of Blood", one of the mercenary Viktoria twins. I've got about ten models lined up to assemble to have a playable crew with a couple of options, so I better get cracking.

Which neatly brings me on to future plans...

As I haven't finished off the Skaven test paints, I've managed to get 4 models finished in the past two months. I'm pretty sure I can get more than that done, but lets set some sensible goals.

Operation "Paint 2, Buy 1" can be safely written off on the grounds of being over 250 miniatures down at this point, and at current pace I might get 10 models painted this year myself? So lets be realistic.

Minimum Q4 2019 goal
  • Paint 6 figures
Given that's very achievable, lets set myself a nice list of stretch goals...

I've got two things that have "ticked over" to being "late" - one year after I got them towards the end of last year. Those are some terrain crates I picked up from a club member's estate I want to paint for the club, and the Die Hard Miniatures Undead Kickstarter figures. Those definitely go on the list.

I've also got an Antenociti's Workshop order organiser I need to magnetise, and an Infinity MDF case I bought ages ago I'm yet to glue. I should do that.

Oh goodness, I nearly forgot! I'm planning on taking part in Purge the Pit, a 40K campaign being organised at Warhammer World in December. I could use existing models, but it would be excellent to use newly painted ones. That's a definite additional stretch goal!

Q4 stretch goals
  • Finish Skaven test paints
  • Assemble 10 Malifaux models
  • Paint 10 Malifaux Models
  • Clean and paint club terrain crates
  • Assemble and Paint Diehard Miniatures Undead
  • Paint Purge the Pit force
That's definitely plenty to be getting on with. I'll check back in on progress at the end of October.

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