Monday 23 September 2019

Wot I did on my holidays

We got back last night from a short holiday with my lovely wife, which included a few bits of gaming related stuff which I thought my readers might be interested in.

We dropped into Warhammer World a couple of times. Bugmans remains a reliable place to meet up with other nerds and chat nonsense. As is the way of things, various people we know from Twitter were present and we all only worked this out after we'd all left.

While I don't have any blog suitable photos, we also went to Cave Escape Nottingham with some friends to do their new Monuments escape room. We've previously done their other room, Carfax, and both are excellent. Monuments is a tough one, though - we were only the third team to ever escape, while it's been open two weeks.

Meanwhile, back at Warhammer World, Sim and I gave the 8th edition of Warhammer 40,000 a go. I've got a separate blog post coming up about my experiences with it. We decided to sort out the learning experience in two stages. The first was simply running a unit of Wychs into an unfortunate Guard infantry squad so Sim could get the differences from the last edition in terms of charges, attacks and so on. This, unsurprisingly, did not take long.

We then had a quick 25 power level game with Sim picking one of each of units she likes and me lining up some Guard to shoot back and be shot. It meant Sim got an idea of how a few different units performed in comparison to each other.

We avoided Command Points, Strategems and so on, and I didn't bother using Guard orders or anything like that. Sadly, as we were doing it in the evening at Warhammer World, we didn't quite get as far as we liked as they needed to close so their staff could sleep.

We also gave Warcry a quick demo on the other day we were in the store. I absolutely fell in love with it, but it didn't grab Sim sufficiently to justify her taking it up. I've definitely added a Warcry warband to my "to buy" list.

We popped into Chillcon on the Sunday for about twenty minutes before it closed. Didn't manage to do much other than buy a blister of Bones Black to see what it's like, and say hello to Annie from Bad Squiddo.

I've now got a week at home on holiday. I mostly plan on clearing down more of the massive eBay pile we've developed during the unpacking at the new flat. Lots of old abandoned projects need to move on to stop cluttering up the flat.

I'll also be aiming to get some painting done - I want to finish off my half finished bits and bobs and crack on with the next things in my painting pile. I'll report back next week!


  1. Looks like a fun time was had by all!

    1. It was. I should try and make sure I get away more often. :)