Monday 30 December 2019

A little painting over the holiday period

While visiting family over Christmas, I took a little "go bag" of painting supplies and a few miniatures. In between the various social obligations of the season, I managed to fit in an afternoon of painting, getting two miniatures fully painted up.

Please excuse the pictures - I had a choice between getting better photos at home or finishing another hour of Skyrim, and you can work out which won.

First up was this mimic, who was produced after winning a sculpting competition on the Oldhammer Sculpting Facebook group. I painted him with the box lid separate. He's mostly contrast paints. In particular, I love the slightly cartoonish wood look I get from using Snakebite Leather.

The tongue, however, is painted using more traditional methods, with Vallejo reds and Games Workshop Shade paints. It was a good small exercise in reminding myself how blending works, as I have some higher detailed pieces coming down the line.

I also painted this undead familiar by Diehard Miniatures. (Diehard Miniatures is the method Tim Prow puts out his personal sculpts for public consumption...) I'm pretty sure this creepy little fellow was the reason I ended up backing their Undead Kickstarter. As such, he was part of the Shelf of Shame, and is actually the first miniature from there I've got painted. There's now just an undead spaceman and an undead centaur to go.

He was base coated with Wraithbone and painted with Skeleton Horde contrast before I started playing around a bit. I tried using Black Templar contrast to drop in darker shades (with only moderate success) before drybrushing. I used both some Wraithbone but also some Vallejo pale green and pale blue to add more variety to his colours. Finally, he got a wash of Seraphim Sepia, which brought the varied colours together.

The base was washed with a couple of different contrast paints, then once they were dry, drybrushed with Kindleflame as I was curious what it would look like compared to my usual bone coloured base dry brush. I quite like it.

Unfortunately, the picture here really doesn't let you see all that much of the miniature, so I definitely need to re-photograph him with some better lighting conditions.


  1. Nice work! I brought some stuff to build over the holidays. Regretting not bringing my paints too!

    1. I decided that painting stuff was less space than assembly, as otherwise I'd have to take both the boxes of stuff to assemble, plus the cases to transport them back in.