Wednesday 1 January 2020

2019 In Review

Painting wise, I set myself the goal of having painted twice as much as I bought (both commission painting and personally painting). I gave up on this goal part way through the year, but how bad was it?

Miniatures Purchased: 453
Miniatures Painted: 25
Miniatures Commissioned: 74


I definitely need to slow the purchasing over the coming year. I simply don't have enough time to paint and play everything coming in, and my flat isn't very big.

At the start of October, I took stock and realised I needed to set myself some more achievable goals rather than chasing after an unachievable one. I set myself the reasonable goal of painting six figures. In the end, I managed 21, which is good going.

I only managed one of my "stretch" goals, as I ended up picking up little bits and bobs to keep my momentum going rather than focus on an individual project.

That's a really important lesson, I think. Making sure I have plenty of small things to keep me entertained as I work on any particular large project will mean I get more done overall.

To keep things simple, the headline goal needs to be "paint more than I buy". I need to stem the tide of stuff coming into my flat.

The second goal can be a simple headline number. I got 25 models painted myself over 5 months, so it should be achievable to get 60 done over a year. The key thing will be to make sure I'm getting stuff done on a regular basis.

The third and final painting goal is to make sure that at the start of 2021, I don't have any models on the "Shelf of Shame". That means making sure that anything I bought in 2018 or 2019 is painted or sold by the end of this year.

Given the totals of how much I bought last year . . . I suspect I'll be selling a few things!

I'm also determined not to feel overwhelmed by the painting queue this year. If any "rules" are stressing me out, they can go.

All in all, I'm happy that I've got 25 models painted. It's been really good to get back into painting things, and the joy and relaxation I get from painting stuff is vastly disproportionate to the effort I put in. So I really need to do more of it!


  1. Enjoying your hobby is the most important goal to me. Good luck with the targets you've set for yourself in 2020.

    1. Oh, absolutely. But the amount of clutter in my very small flat has been stressing me out, and I'm very bad at purchase impulse control without some rules - so here's hoping they work. :)

  2. It is the time of year for reflection and review and seeing things positively is definitely good - it's a hobby after all and those figures were all purchased because they were pretty!

    1. Taking on a little from Marie Kondo and passing on stuff that I'm not making use of that they'll enjoy is something I'll definitely be doing. It's fine, they bought me joy when I got them or played with them back in the day - if I'm not enthused now, they can go cheer someone else up!