Monday 14 September 2020

Progress with the trolls

I've managed to get the first of the three Aenor Miniatures trolls painted up. There's still two more to go, but the first being finished is a big deal for me.

I'd originally planned to do them as a "little distraction" from my Shasvastii project, but it turns out that there's loads of beautiful detail on them that takes quite a bit of time to sort out. So my plan now is to finish up the two Shasvastii from the Wildfire box before returning to the remaining two trolls.

Also, as is the way of things, I've of course spotted a couple of bits and pieces I'm not quite happy with with how the model has turned out - little mistakes and overpaint that I want to go back and fix. I'm going to put him to one side for now and come back and do those little fixes when I get back to his brothers.


  1. Great work! A lovely paint job on a lovely model.

    1. Thanks very much! There's a ton of amazing textures on him that contrasts and washes really bring out.