Wednesday 16 September 2020

Work in Progress Wednesday - O-12


I've got quite a few O-12 models now, and I thought it would be worth getting a shot of them assembled and undercoated ready for paint. I'm working through some of my Shasvastii first, but these should be a fun side project at some point.

I still need to do a couple of test schemes to work out exactly what I'm doing, but the broad idea is a quick tabletop quality scheme that looks good at a distance. I'm also totally going to be taking advantage of contrast paints as much as I can get away with.

First up, there's the Operation: Wildfire minis. You've got three line infantry, a big lad with a suitably large gun, a drop troop, a sniper with a visor and an infiltrator. The infiltrator, the Gangbuster, is a bit of a weird one as he still has to deploy as a model and not a marker, and the two alternative Gangbuster profiles have different equipment that make them much better suited to the role. Everything else I can see myself using regularly.

I also grabbed the Beyond box. Cuervo is an extra shooty drop trooper who will cause a whole bunch of damage. Centre is an Omega unit with HMG - a beast of an attack piece that will be a primary hitter in a lot of lists. On the right, we get a Beta Trooper, who's a heavy infantry who can take a specialist profile. While I do like tougher specialists, I suspect we'll see a lot more of him once he can join a Fireteam and move up with a big gun.

Team Sirius was the "Advance Order" pack that came out when O-12 was released. Unsurprisingly, she hit retail before I got around to painting her. Whoops. Another model who deploys up the board, this time she gets a robot friend who sprays glue, a la Judge Dredd Riot Foam, all over anyone who gets too close. Again, likely to be an absolute staple.

Hippolyta is an Aleph model who comes to O-12 and was a limited edition sculpt with the pre-orders. I'm not sure how much use the big expensive character will be in practice, but I'll give her a go to see what happens...

Here are two high value targets from Dire Foes boxes I got on the cheap who are going to be objectives for my O-12 when I get them on the table. Included for completeness.

So, that's all I've got of O-12 at the moment. It should be a pretty playable force once I add a couple of Remotes and the Support Pack to get a doctor and engineer...


  1. I don't know my Shasvastii from my Shas'ui to be honest, but these look pretty cool.

    1. Thanks! Looking forward to getting some paint on them.