Monday 21 September 2020

Tabletop Quality Gnome Bard

In one of my recent trades, I was gifted this Gnome Bard. He's one of the D&D or Pathfinder pre-assembled miniatures, though I'm not sure which. The quality of the sculpt wasn't great - a lot of mould lines were left and he was a bit bendy.

The price point is so-so, at least in the UK. You can probably get some low quality metal sculpts for D&D cheaper, but they're OK value for being pre-assembled. I find them better than Bones, but not quite as good as Bones Black - though the range for Bones Black is still pretty limited.

I do keep looking on a couple of the messier bits and wanting to go back and tidy it up. But I have loads more to paint, so I will leave it unless he's still by the painting table while I'm using the paint I need for the clean up...