Wednesday 23 September 2020

Work in Progress Wednesday - Assorted Bad Squiddo

I've got a few more Bad Squiddo models ready for paint I thought you'd want to get a look at.

I suspect this Lizardlady is going to be from the jungles of Q'barra in Eberron. I think contrast paints are going to work really well on her.

This badass pirate lady is going to be so fun to paint! Plenty of details, but not so busy to the point where it'll drive me up the wall.

The druidess model will have a bunch of different uses - whether a druid, a wizard of some kind, or a priestess. Shouldn't take too long to paint, either!

Annie included a Lucky Guinea Pig in one of my orders a while ago. I've got her on a base and some undercoat down before I get a quick paint job on it.

We also have a giant iguana I impulse bought. Another one for the possible monster encounter at some point, but I don't have a particular plan for it.

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