Wednesday 30 March 2022

Deathwatch: Last of the Troops

Continuing going through the Deathwatch commission from Squiggle's Studio, here's the remainder of the troops they painted up for me.

First up are an assortment of Primaris Infiltrators. As Infiltrators are the compulsory part of Spectrus Kill Teams, I had Squiggle assemble quite a few of them, making sure I had a bunch of different equipment options for them that I can swap in and out.

Another part of the Spectrus Kill Teams are the Incursors. They're a cheaper option than the Infiltrators, with a significant option for them being the ability to take a huge Haywire mine which wrecks vehicles.

As the Haywire mines are one use only, you get little mine markers to place by the unit and remove once they've been used.

I also had a box of Hellblasters that needed painting. In the Deathwatch, up to five of them can join a Fortis Kill Team, which is a Troops choice. Having some squads with loads of plasma that can also hold and take objectives well seems pretty darned good.

There are three gun options Hellblasters can take - Plasma Incinerators, Assault Plasma Incinerators and Heavy Plasma Incinerators. I went with the "plain" and "heavy" ones, but that probably means the Assault ones are the best ones, knowing my luck...