Wednesday 4 January 2023

Bone Forest - A Review

On a bit of a whim, I bought Boneforest from Hollow Press. I've been following the folk horror style miniatures by Helge Wilhelm Dahl since he started branching out into them from doing grimdark Warhammer conversions.

This is a pretty huge box with a lot of contents. There's a chunky painting project here, or possible several small ones! Lets take a closer look...

Alongside a hardcover rulebook, there's 25 miniatures, 7 scenery pieces, a card board to play on and a bunch of card terrain tiles to supplement the resin scenery.

The miniatures are all hand cast resin pieces. They're nicely cast with a very hand sculpted feel. There's a lot of body horror aspects to the miniatures, and I suspect they won't be to everyone's taste.

The rule book is very well produced, seems to be clearly laid out and has some nice illustrations. The card tiles for the board and the supplementary terrain pieces are OK, but I do feel like they could have been a little higher quality. I'd have liked a fold out game board, but obviously, that might have cost a bunch more.

The dice are simple enough, with a single custom dice for random directions, and the rest standard D8s. There's also some tokens for bile, a resource you can use in the wargame.

All in all, this is an interesting project, a wargame packaged like a premium board game. The focus is definitely on the production of the rulebook and the miniatures. While the artwork on the card stock is nice, it does feel like a little more attention to detail could have really elevated the project. The card pieces could have done with being a little thicker, and having a better storage solution in the box. The dice are functional but could have been much more characterful to fit the rest of the production.

While Boneforest is currently out of stock, another print run is planned. I think it's definitely still worth getting if you're a fan of this sort of body horror wargaming, but that the price tag is likely too high for someone who is simply curious or casually interested.


  1. Thanks for this review, I was pondering whether this was worth a spin for me. Definitely intrigued.

  2. The models are both vile and wonderful, I love them!

    1. You can pick some of them up individually from Hollow Press if you don't fancy investing a three figure sum in the whole game.