Monday 9 January 2023

Clearouts and Assembly

I spent a good chunk of time the weekend before last going through all my KR cases, and pulling out painted models I intended to sell. I also grabbed a few abandoned part completed projects, too. I then spent a whole bunch of time this week photoing them, listing them on my eBay account, with a scheduled start time of Saturday (so they're all live now).

I've taken to scheduling the start times so I know I'm going to be available to package things up promptly once everything sells. Its all starting at 99p bids because I want the space back. It's an interesting mix of stuff and I hope it all goes on to good new homes. 

My dearly beloved was away for a few days visiting friends. I decided to take the advantage of her absence to have a bit of a metal assembly blitz. I didn't get everything here done, and I got a few bits and pieces you won't see here done too. I'll be throwing photos of those items up over the next couple of weeks as part of my Work in Progress Wednesday posts, so you can see them then.

Being back at work, I'm looking to get back into the rhythm of regular hobbying. My plan now is to try and make half finished things more finished. I'd like to get the test bases for my Alpha Legion prepped so I can get back to working on my test models. I'm also keen to finish another Gnoll who's nearly done and Corax Hasht for my Shasvastii.

I've been having trouble with models with integral bases having an obvious "lip" on the base, despite trying to pile basing texture around them to hide the line. Because basing paste loses volume as it dries, it wasn't really working. I saw someone online (I don't recall who) using green stuff to build up a more gradual rise to the model, and this seems to have worked really well.

I'm also about halfway through my O-12 prep. About half are now ready for paint, and you should see those on the blog soon. It would be good to get the other half done so they can all be put away, but I suspect that's more than a week's worth of painting.

There's other things to do too - undercoating a bunch of Terrain Crate scatter, finishing the prep on my Battletech box, assembling a bowl's worth of resin I cleaned over the New Year, and finally repairing some models I'd abandoned at the end of 2021 because they got damaged in the post. That's way more than can be done in a single week, though! I've started over-hauling my "Projects" page so it can start becoming a little more up to date, and put the tracking of those half finished things as the first item on the list.


  1. A good start to the year, i too hate the lip on bases, so have been using Milliput to mould the base for some time probably a bit easier than green stuff ?

    1. I have a huge stash of Green Stuff due to constantly buying strips in hobby shops while forgetting how much I have at home...

      But maybe when the stash is slightly less embarrassing, I'll give Milliput a go. Thanks for the tip!