Monday 3 April 2023

Getting organised

It's been a busy week! Over the past couple of weeks, I've had a whole bunch of stuff turn up, particularly Kickstarters for Tanares, Next Level Miniatures and Fenris Games Rubble City. The first two are assorted minis I got for D&D and other RPGs that I'm not emotionally attached to painting.

So, the Fenris Games Rubble City Adventurers are off to my usual metal assembly guy so I can paint them once assembled. I sent the first of the Tanares boxes off to Blood Medusa Paints. I also fired one of the Mantic Terrain Crates I haven't started yet over to Brushchewer, as I am not having fun with the first one.

The O-12 Alpha Unit finally turned up after having been out of stock at the distributor for a little while. I've booked in my first in person practice game with O-12 and I'm pretty gosh darn stoked about it.

Also, here's a terrible photo of a Kickstarter that arrived this week - the Deadchurch Townsfolk. There's just ten of them, but they're very characterful. I'm tempted to knock up some non standard "character zombie" monster stat blocks for them when I do get around to using them in RPGs to add a bit more variety that simply a swarm of zombies.

My hobby this week was mostly getting some of the bigger jobs moved along - brush tidy ups on some of the Combined Army I undercoated before I do the zenithal, and adding basing paste to my Lyran Urbanmech and my most recently arrived O-12.

These are big, time consuming jobs, and I'd been kind of putting them off a bit. I've previously learned splitting them into smaller, more manageable sections gets things moving along, so I split a handful of each off and knocked them out pretty quickly.

Looking forward, I'm planning to spend the upcoming long weekend having a major Sort. After some discussion with my dearly beloved wife, we've realised that we would be much better off getting a small storage unit near the flat.

I spend a lot of time moving around boxes, or moving boxes around. Boxing everything up once, moving it out of the flat and having space to move around will be a big weight off. I can then see how much space we have to work with, and work on slimming the hobby collection down one box at a time, rather than constantly searching through box after box trying to work out what should go where.

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  1. Steady ! Responsible and Organised ? Don't burn yourself out...

    But yeah, I have filled one side of a double garage with half done hobby projects, so your plan makes sense to me.