Friday 14 April 2023

Some dungeoneering scenes

I had a play around with some of my figures and made some simple battle scenes. Here, a human warrior and a dwarf cleric try and fight off some black oozes.

A motley adventuring party burst in on an evil wizard who has hired a couple of gnolls to protect him. The party's wizard summons some fae allies to aid them, but the wizard has some dark allies of his own.

A malicious summoner calls forth a cacodaemon to hold off some inquisitive meddlers...

Deep below the earth, an adventuring party seeks to end the vile schemes of a Mind Flayer and those who it has forced into its service.

A band of adventurers fleeing a black ooze accidentally stumble into the lair of a spirit troll. Sometimes, it's one of those adventures...

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