Wednesday 12 April 2023

Work in Progress Wednesday: Unidrons and a Noctifer

I've started splitting my Infinity mini prep into smaller batches again to get things done and put away. Over the course of a few evenings and lunchtimes, I've gotten these three Unidrons ready for paint, so I can put them away for now.

I think it's most likely I'll use Unidrons in Onyx Contact Force, which I now have most of the models for, but no particular timing planned for while I'll use them. I'm currently missing "Bit and Kiss", who is pretty close to a "must have" in the faction, so I should probably pick them up before I start trying them out.

I also picked up the new Noctifer to paint up. He can be used with either the Shasvastii or Onyx Contact Force. I've been regularly using the Noctifer Missile Launcher (and doing well when I do), so he'll probably see quite a bit of time in lists once painted.

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