Wednesday 3 May 2023

Continuing to learn O-12: Firefight vs Combined Army

I had a quick game of Firefight on Sunday at the club, stepping in for a player who needed an opponent for an ongoing league I'm not a part of, and getting in another game to shake down my O-12 at the same time.

I ended up starting off by losing my Engineer and Reaction Remote to a Speculo, which rudely also survived the return fire too. Fortunately, I was able to get my Epsilon to have a little walk up a wall and put down the Speculo permanently in my first turn.

I was running Katherine Cho as a Lieutenant masquerading as an Omega HMG, and placed as my reserve model to avoid the Speculo. Unfortunately, in the second turn she fell victim to a parachutist who was intended to sacrifice itself to cause a cheeky wound on one of my attack pieces and accidentally hit the jackpot in taking out my Lieutenant.

I was running Cuervo Goldstein as a drop troop this game, and while he managed to take out a Yaogat sniper that was causing me significant grief, followed by a successful Lieutenant kill, I wasn't hugely impressed with him. He's good, sure, but a cheaper drop troop could have done just fine and achieved the same thing.

The other troop I tried out this game was the Bronze HMG, which was . . . fine, I guess? It did a good job in taking down a couple of pieces, but my opponent managed to get some shots on him in my reactive turn and wear him down eventually.

I'm still in the "not sure" stage with my O-12 right now. They're proving an interesting puzzle with a playstyle I'm not accustomed to, but a few games in, I've not yet had an "aha" moment with them, or found myself super excited over any of their profiles. There's nothing bad here, but I'm finding myself treating them more as a puzzle to work out than a faction I'm excited to be playing.


  1. Life can't be super exciting all the time. Sounds like a steady builder might be better longer term anyway...

    1. Yeah, I'm not giving up on them yet. They've always been a faction I got into due to them being bundled with a faction I wanted to play, rather than one I picked up on their own merit.
      I suspect it's not helping that my "first love" faction is getting new releases at the moment, so my head is getting turned by that...