Monday 15 May 2023

One Page Rules Battle Report: Deathwatch vs Tau

For the second game on "Man Gets New Hat" weekend, we moved up to 2,000 points a side, and my loyal opponent decided to bring his Tau. I changed up a few units to make an actually legal list this time.

We had a whole bunch of miniatures that set up after the others, so first a big unit of Tau Battlesuits dropped into my lines.

I dropped my Vanguard Veterans to deal with the big mech, but they then got counter deployed by a unit of Stealth Suits.

I charged my Assault Intercessors into the big Tau Mech, and they caused a little damage, but it's tough armour really helped protect it.

The Assault Intercessors got shot and stomped to bits, but the Vanguard Veterans decided to ignore the Stealth suits and shank up the big mech suit. It turns out that Lightning Claws and Heavy Thunder Hammers are really rather good in this system, as it got thoroughly blended.

I made a gutsy charge across some open ground at one point, and this was the roll to hit on a 2+ with a fancy rail gun. My opponent's dice were incredibly treacherous this game!

With a handful of Tau models left alive as I solved problems with "charging and stabbing", the game ended up swinging to the Deathwatch quite decisively - but much of it was due to a good deal of luck. Because I didn't know how deadly the Tau shooting was, I recklessly ran at them screaming rather than advancing cautiously, giving them less time to shoot and no time to recover when they had a handful of unlucky rolls. It was a high risk strategy I took by mistake, and it happened to pay off this time.

Still, One Page Rules continues to be good fun, and I'm curious about giving it more of a go now I know it well enough to play a larger game.

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