Monday 22 May 2023

Hobby Admin

I've not been getting much painting done of late, but I did spend the weekend getting a whole bunch of "hobby admin" done. I had two commissions back - this big pile of Nomads back from my Infinity assembly guy, and another Terrain Crate back from Brushchewer Inc. So the painted models need photographing, and the assembled ones need checking and putting away.

I've started playing D&D in person. It's a campaign with multiple games of D&D in a linked world. It's good fun, if not hugely deep due to the number of players. I went along with a couple of ideas and ended up jumping into playing a Kobold Druid, because I haven't played one of these small agents of chaos in forever.

I already had the Frameworks Kobolds minis, so I headed up to the storage unit to dig them out.

I hit level 2 after my first session, so I also grabbed the box of horses I had at the unit so I could Wild Shape into a bigger lad if needed.

The "miniatures to borrow" for new players were also a bit limited, so I grabbed some spare Frostgrave sprues I'd been planning on selling to assemble and paint for them instead.

I didn't have a bunch of the things you can Wild Shape into, plus the campaign allowed the Strixhaven backgrounds, so I grabbed Find Familiar via that to allow some additional nonsense. To cover all those options cheaply, I picked up the Reaper Bones Wolf pack and Familiar Packs to get some simple models done for that.

And finally, I ordered a single sprue from the Wargames Atlantic Giant Spider box to make me a Giant Wolf Spider. The seller was also selling single Battlemechs, so I grabbed a Locust for my small militia lance.

I also had a couple of Infinity boxes that were going "Last Chance to Buy" show up, and picked up a few other D&D things from the storage unit because I was full of keen, and all together, that's probably a Bit Too Much to be doing. I'm spending more time sorting stuff out than I am painting...

The Horus Heresy minis are going into the "abandoned projects" pile for now as I stalled out on sorting their bases. I'll finish up the dwarfs and the last of the Dungeon Debris, then move onto something new to get me motivated again.


  1. Interesting thing, "abandoned projects". I've got some which I have not touched for six and seven years, but no abandoned projects.

    1. Perhaps better described as "projects I'm not going to think about right now".