Thursday 11 May 2023

White Company: A Competitive Expansion

I got another batch of figures back from That Mr Shy to expand my White Company further. While I'm concentrating on learning my O-12 at the moment, these figures were the gaps I felt I was missing in my White Company. They're all set up now, ready for me to bring them out when I want a change.

The main driving force for this commission are the Karhu. A light infantry model that can form a Fireteam in White Company, they're fast moving, with visors to see through opposing mimetism and mimetism of their own to make them harder to hit. The Terrain (Total) and Climbing Plus add to their mobility, while NCO lets them use the Lieutenant order, making them even more efficient. They also bring a +1B Feuerbach, a medium to long range anti armour weapon that makes short work of the more expensive, heavily armoured units that the current edition of Infinity is encouraging.

Next up are a couple of Fusiliers - a mispack had left them headless in my last batch, but Corvus Belli's mispack service is excellent and convenient. Ironically, I think that the heads are meant to be the other way around, but they look pretty cool how they are, so I don't think it's a bother.

A couple of civilian models round out the high value target models I need for some mission objectives.

This season, sometimes you can get a free Bashi Bazouk or CSU. The White Company also can take CSUs natively, so that's a model I'll continue to get use out of after this season.

This automatic turret comes from the Objectives box that Corvus Belli produce, and is currently needed for certain missions. As a couple came in the box, I decided I'd like a matching one!

Finally, the Mulebots, support units that can reload models whose disposable weapons have run out, or provide special Hacking Programmes that boost other models. They're very much a "sometimes" take, but I decided to grab a pair to make up the numbers on this batch and enable a few list builds I want to try at some point.

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