Thursday 15 February 2024

HATE Infinity League: Supremacy vs O12

My local wargaming club, HATE, has started a new Infinity League. I'm running Nomads for it, and the first mission was Supremacy. I drew against O-12 for this round.

I lost the Lieutenant roll, and my opponent chose to go first. I picked deployment and set up defensively. I ran a Kriza Boracs, Jazz and Billie, the Uberfallkommando, a bunch of mid-field camo and support units.

I built most of my deployment decisions off placing the Uberfallkommando opposite the QAZ creature my opponent placed as a violent warband is the quickest and easiest way of clearing them.

My opponent ran a Gamma HMG up the right flank, protecting it with Team Sirius and a Varangian Guard.

The Epsilon took advantage of some smoke to clear out the Reaktion Zond. The O-12 player completed the first turn with two buttons pressed.

The Uberfallkommando headed up the table and one of the Pupniks hit and cleared out the QAZ creature.

My Libertos then attacked the Varangian and the Sirius remote, getting injured by the Gamma and going Dogged. I was keen to get rid of the Repeater on the Sirius remote to let me move Robin Hook up so her Repeater would hold the Gamma at bay.

I hid the Pupniks and Robin Hook around one of the consoles to hold things up. A Raveneye came up to try and take out Robin Hook, but was unable to target her from cover, meaning she was able to take the Raveneye Officer out.

My Kriza headed up the right flank and took out one of the Madtraps, before going into suppressive fire.

A Delta with Boarding Shotgun then came on behind the Kriza and managed to cause it a wound but walked into range of a Heckler with a Jammer, and ended up isolated.

My Sombra had revealed to do some hacking, and a Gangbuster then opened fire on it, when it failed a guts check and had to fall back into the line of fire of the Epsilon sniper. Fortunately for me the Epsilon didn't have any orders left to take advantage...

The Sirius snuck up on Robin Hook and took it out, but it took a whole bunch of orders to do so.

The Pupniks then counter-attacked and took out the Sirius trooper, freeing up the Chimera to throw an Eclipse Grenade between the Epsilon and the Sombra to let it move freely. I could have moved one of the Pupniks to trigger a remaining Madtrap, but decided not to.

The Sombra then moved up to flip the switch on one of the consoles on the O-12 side of the board. I had misjudged the distance and ended up Immobilised as a result.

The Sombra then survived two rounds of shooting while Immobilised before getting lucky and managing to break out of the glue. He then managed to take out a Bluecoat, switching the control of the quadrant to Nomad control.

In the end, we tied on quadrants for all three turns. I took two consoles to O-12's one, and also scored my classified, with an extra point for the type of classified it was. This meant I ended up with a 7-4 win.

A lot of this was down to luck - the Sombra really shouldn't have survived, and it won me the game. I've picked up a few more practical tips around using Nomads, with plenty more still to learn...

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