Monday 19 February 2024

Keeping the hobby pace up

I got another one of the 3D prints from the Sheffield Satellite painted up this weekend. This one is obviously based off Aramaki from Ghost in the Shell. I went with slightly different colour choices to try and move away from that look a little bit.

I've got a Battletech lance undercoated and ready for paint for March's project. There were a few mould lines to clean up, some basing paste and then a bit of nice weather on Sunday which allowed that gave me a bit of time to get them undercoated...

Back on the painting desk, three of the D&D Frameworks models have a base undercoat on. I'll tidy it up with a brush and add a zenithal before ticking them off. I started painting the two Oathmark Dwarf characters when waiting for other paint to dry. Getting them done will be a happy bonus. I've still got two Frameworks characters I bought for parts that I didn't use - the Tiefling Rogue is now assembled and just needs basing material and undercoating, while the Human Rogue still needs assembly.

I do have a couple of bits and pieces listed on eBay right now. There's a few PanOceania miniatures where I needed some of the box, plus a few Fenris miniatures where I accidentally ordered duplicates of models. I've listed everything at 99p to start, so there's a good chance of grabbing a bargain. 


  1. I don't know how I've missed so much of your recent work! What I see here looks cool and it seems I have quite some updating work to do with this blog!

    1. Life gets busy sometimes! I'm really happy that the blog has moved back into being a hobby blog, and less "A list of reasons TRO hasn't managed to paint anything _this_ week..."