Thursday 29 February 2024

Reviewing February Goals

It's been a pretty productive month all told. The various half done models from the D&D in person game prep are all assembled, undercoated and ready for paint. (A couple have even started being painted...)

The original plan had been to paint a couple of Combined Army figures as this month's "project", but the fact I had two Battlemechs that needed some colour correction won out because they fell under the "half finished" banner. I also got a lance worth of 'mechs prepped up as planned so there's more selection of projects on the "to do" pile.

I also exceeded expectations a little bit by painting this little mushroom I sculpted with leftover milliput. I've also been trying a new paint technique and am halfway through the four 3D printed civilians from the Sheffield Satellite using it - meaning I got five miniatures painted this month in total.

So, a month where I set myself some sensible goals and proceeded to hit them. Possibly unheard of? Still, it's a busy month in March, so I'm unsure I'll be as successful next month...

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