Monday 12 February 2024

Repaints, sculpting and a new painting technique…

First up on the painting table this weekend was fixing the two Lyran Guards Battlemechs I'd already painted. I'd realised a while ago that I hadn't painted them the same shade of blue, so I did a little colour correction, and added a little edge highlighting while I was there.

Here's how they looked before. They're not a perfect match still, but they're now much closer and it's an effort to spot, rather than being obvious.

I made a little mushroom from leftover Milliput. He's not very well sculpted, but I put a little paint on him, and he's perfectly serviceable for games.

I wanted to try out the underpainting method I saw in a Ninjon Video, so grabbed the 3D prints we were all given at the Sheffield Satellite tournament last year. This one got underpainted in blues and blue greens before I started on the rest.

I think he's turned out really well, so I'll probably be using this technique again.

I've still got three other miniatures to do. I've given them a few different colours to see how they turn out when I layer normal colours over the top. I'm intending to get them all done by the end of the month so they aren't "part done"...

Here's the Foundry Halflings and Oathmark Dwarfs undercoated and ready to paint. They'll now go onto the tray of "quick paints" I can knock out quickly when I have a little time and am waiting for something else to dry.

I also got the free Beastman based and undercoated. I'd decided I was going to paint this one using traditional paints, so didn't add a zenithal to him. With the mushroom, dwarfs and halflings, that's four of the things I was aiming to assemble this month all ready to paint.

I've got two of the D&D Frameworks miniatures assembled - the second Fighter I got to replace the shield arm on the Warlock, and the Warlock model whose alternative staff option became the player character's staff head. I dropped the Tiefling's head while assembling him, and when I went down to find it, I managed to find that shield arm I lost last month.

I said quite a few rude words.

I've still got the elf ranger who was the head donor for the warlock to do, but that seems pretty achievable for next weekend. All three also need some texture adding to the bases around the sculpted part before they get undercoated.

With the Battletech models being a "surprise" project contribution, I'm doing really well on this month's goals already. I may still dig out a Combined Army model or two later in the month depending on how I'm doing. I've also got the "stretch goal" of prepping a Battletech lance for painting, which may take a while. The mould lines are a pain!

This was a super productive weekend and I'm not expecting to be quite so effective next weekend - I spent much of my Saturday on hobby stuff and I have various other things that need doing this month which means I'll likely have less time for the rest of the weekends.

I did have a bit of an "oops" when I saw Wayland Games had the Pathfinder Legendary Cuts sets on sale. I am continuing on with my February plans, but should really commit to getting these assembled in March so they don't become part of the stash...

I am very impressed with the value on these boxes. The Goblins box has 18 miniatures in it, while the comparable D&D box for Kobolds has 7, for only a small price increase for the Pathfinder box. The character boxes having two sculpts in really adds to the potential value, too. These are really quite good picks, and a good indicator as to quite how over-priced and poorly designed the D&D Frameworks miniatures are for the sake of the "D&D" brand name.


  1. Interesting about the 'D&D' name resulting in less VFM.

    1. I'm not sure if its the licensing costs to WotC, or just Paizo being smart and getting Wizkids to put more options on the sprue to look better than WotC...