Tuesday 11 December 2012

An unfortunate incident (creative writing)

To: Segmentum Tempestus High Command
From: Captain Rafiq, Tallarn XVI
Date: 7852912.M41
Theatre: Laxus Sector
Planet: Lambum Obscurum

As per standing orders, I led a small force (platoon strength plus auxilia) into No Man's Land to seek out  enemy advance forces to engage and destroy. Whilst advancing through the eastern-most reaches of our designated patrol area, our forces sighted a number of unmarked units of tactical-dreadnought class infantry advancing on our units.

Upon receiving this report from our scouts, I ordered our troops to take up firing positions and alerted our air support units. Attempts at contact over authorised hailing frequencies failed, at which point I designated the units as renegade and viable targets.

My force then engaged and destroyed the enemy. There were no survivors. Enemy casualties consisted of over a dozen tactical-dreadnought class infantry and one dreadnought class support walker.

Of particular note is that one of the individuals seemed to show extreme resilience to injury. In particular, Sergeant James from the Tollo II Ratling auxilia placed a confirmed headshot with a needle rifle through the eyepiece of the individual in question, only for him to rise again after a short while. The individual was eventually neutralised by the survivors of 1st platoon bayoneting him repeatedly.

Notable casualties included Lieutenant Yusuf, who was killed by a bolt round as he exited his destroyed Chimera and Commissar Price, struck down in hand to hand combat.

The survivors of the conscript platoon performed admirably, withdrawing from untenable and needless positions before regrouping and returning to the fray more than once. I recommend they be permitted to replace casualties among the full members of the company elsewhere.

I have asked my adjutant to provide you with the usual list of rounds expended, necessary repairs and replacements.

The intent of the enemy force remains unknown.

To: Segmentum Tempestus High Command
From: Inquisitor Bernard
Date: 7855912.M41
Theatre: Laxus Sector
Planet: Lambum Obscurum
Security Grade Omega

Despite his innocent protestations, Captain Rafiq knew exactly what he was doing. My spies inform me that he purchased a map to a "valuable treasure". It appears that our colleagues in a specialist Chapter believed this relic to be incredibly dangerous and sought to recover it, treating others who had interest in it as potentially corrupted.

Justicar Thawn has reported (after he recovered from his injuries) that his Chapter failed to recover the relic, but it should also be noted that the Captain was most angry on his return, so it appears lost. Several scans of his quarters and interception of his private mail seems to confirm this. The Justicar was holding it at the point where he fell as the last Marine active on the field - but it was not found or recovered by either side.

This is a most vexing loss and one that concerns us for the future. The relic poses a potential danger for the future and I fully intend to take this out of our errant Captain's hide. He may be too politically powerful to punish directly, but I will be taking a leaf out of some of his superiors' book when it comes to inconveniently dangerous missions...


  1. LOL, that's a cool write up! "...take this out of our errant Captain's hide" ouch, that's gold.

    1. I really needed some good reasons why I keep on fighting Imperial Forces with a consistent army, and an almost Catch 22 level of treachery and self servingness on the senior officer sprang to mind...

      He's actually got a little backstory and family history based on my gaming as a kid, which at some point will get written up...

    2. I like it! Maybe this could be the basis of a narrative campaign centred on the Inquisition taking an interest in Captain Rafig...