Thursday 20 December 2012

In which certain people's habits with blue on blue are discussed (creative writing)

To: Segmentum Tempestus High Command
From: Inquisitor Bernard
Date: 7874912.M41
Theatre: Laxus Sector
Planet: Lambum Obscurum
Security Grade Omega

I would just like to reassure my learned colleagues that the most recent engagement between the 666th Chapter and Captain Rafiq's command was not the matter I referred to in my previous report.

It appears, from talking to the survivors, that Captain Rafiq had most definitely received authentic and genuine instructions from high command to advance into no man's land ahead of the major offensive. The intention was to proceed with a heavy armour to take the positions needed to launch the right flank of the upcoming offensive, particularly a large bunker complex which could act as a forward command base.

The actions of our colleagues in the aforementioned Chapter are shrouded in secrecy, but it would be a brave man indeed to draw any conclusions on their receiving identical orders to secure the same co-ordinates and to make assumptions regarding the presence of Justicar Thawn in their force given his previous encounters with the Tallarn XVI. It is, however, far more easy to be sympathetic to their point that given Captain Rafiq's previous hostility that it was reasonable to assume he would be hostile again when encountered.

This wasteful encounter did at least ensure that the bunker complex was properly secured for the servants of the Emperor - it is now a staging point for our power armoured colleagues.

Captain Rafiq's force (the survivors of whom can have some minor mind scrubbing for the incident to cover a few light issues with seeing things they should not, but a complete wipe is not required) did acquit itself well, despite its defeat. The lesson was most certainly learnt not to underestimate the capabilities of the explosive lances of Imperial cavalry, nor their threat range.

I will express some suspicions as to the identity of the sniper who engaged in a firefight with a Leman Russ tank and won, although I understand they were in turn killed by small arms fire at closer range.

It is my understanding that the conscripts involved in this conflict behaved excellently, and the survivors should be redeployed to fill roles in the depleted platoons. Despite the unfortunate 'blue on blue' their behaviour was without fault with regards to the tactical battlefield situation.

You will notice that Captain Rafiq is no longer in his hospital bed. He and Sergeant James' squad from the Tollo II auxilia have been requisitioned by me for a special mission behind enemy lines as a part of the upcoming offensive. Please be assured that I will be taking all appropriate actions to ensure his personal safety is given the regard it is due based on his faith, actions and loyalty.

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