Sunday, 31 March 2013

How did March go?

Its a while since I did a 'month in review' post.

I haven't managed to get any Games Workshop gaming in this month - just the way work has fallen with free time - but I did manage to get to play my first ever game of Malifaux.

Normally, this would have got me super motivated to paint up my Malifaux, but Salute is coming. I had the sudden realisation that I should really, really paint a bit more of the stuff I bought last year.

I have finally finished base coating and washing a batch of 20 Chaos Cultists that my beloved wife is doing as a commission - she'll now add the final detail before returning them to their owner. No pictures of those, as the owner hasn't seen them yet!

I have started work on the Salute Mayan - just cleaning mould lines and starting gluing for now. I've also got a bunch of progress on the Inquisitorial Henchman Scribe, which I've shown you before. He's a little further along since I last photographed him - everything is now base coated and its just a matter of washes and detailing now.

He's a little further along than this now...

So, what is there still to do on the stuff I bought at Salute last year?
  • 10 Storm Troopers need their bases painting
  • 10 Storm Troopers need prepping, painting and basing
  • I need to finish painting the female Commissar
  • The Salute Mayan needs prepping, assembling and painting
  • The Sarissa Silos need undercoating and painting
  • The Sarissa Warehouse Unit needs building, undercoating and painting
Proof I have painted something I bought at last year's Salute

I originally set myself the ambitious goal of finishing the last four Chaos Cultists and all of the above over the Easter Weekend. It turns out my attention span and discipline was not up to this, as so far I've just finished the Chaos Cultists and done a tiny bit of the prep on the Mayan.

Still, its a good goal, and it means I can put away, for a couple of weeks, the huge pile of little projects I've been playing about with to distract me from those blasted cultists.

Post Salute, I should really focus on the Tzeentch Herald on Disc who also seems to be a major source of procrastination on my part, and my Malifaux crew so I can buy more models (they are one of my 'no more models until the existing ones are painted' groups, along with Grey Knights and Eden). Perhaps I should paint my Eden Jokers after that?

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