Monday 21 October 2013

An Infinity Week? But this post isn't about Infinity! Some painting progress...

Well, it sort of is.

I was down in Dark Sphere last week to play a demo game of Infinity with some proxy models. It was enjoyable enough that it's led to be writing quite a few blog posts on the subject of Infinity, which will be coming out over the next few days.

One of the on duty staffers was painting up some Hordes models with a friend of his for some event or other. He was working to a deadline, and was skipping on the undercoating. This made me very sad. I took a photo of his crimes so that all may know of his crimes against painting. Hopefully, my darling wife won't make him eat the models as penance.

My plans for productiveness for painting and modelling at the weekend failed miserably. I only got a little done.

One of the Marionettes is almost done now. He just needs a little detail picking out. I went with orange hair because it makes him look much more like a put together puppet than a person. It's a nice contrast to the other colours on the model. Collodi is also much more advanced, too.

I also started doing some water effects on two more bases so I can try some other combinations that I talked about two weeks ago.

The clear base has encountered another problem - leaks. The water effect has run over the edge of the base, disrupting the surface tension of the water, and leading to the water level still being a little low. There's also a ripple effect on one edge where I suspect it's had some sort of problem drying. I know I haven't touched it, so it's not a finger print.

Now on my "to do" list is researching ways of creating a little modelling dam around the edge of the bases so I don't have the same problem again.

The sepia mixed wash has generally gone quite well, but I feel like I've lost too much of the colour on the corpse flesh that I was really happy with. Its leading me to suspect that one of my two new combinations, when finished, may be the best option over all.

Even though it's not finished drying yet, I think it's clear the Agrax Earthshade base is just too dark. I've lost any detail I had before. Definitely not one to repeat!

Does anyone out there have any good water effects tips?


  1. For a 'dam' around a base, a strip of electical insulation tape will make a temporary dam. When the water effect is dry, the electrical tape will pull off easily and any adhesive left can be wiped off with white spirit. This does mean that your base is kept wet by some sort of force field or witchcraft, but if you the same for all of them, then the 'they all the same' factor takes over.
    Obviously doesn't work on lipped bases.

    1. For a lipped base, I tried using blu-tac. The results weren't pretty.