Saturday 16 August 2014

Battle Report, Slow Grow League Week 8: 1,000 pts vs Grey Knights

Another week, another Slow Grow. This week, I drew a new player - this was his very first game of Warhammer 40,000 ever.

We were on a lengthways deployment, and I rolled up the Warlord Trait which grants units outflank, so sent some of my models off on a hike around the block. We were using one of the strategic objective card missions.

My opponent was running two squads of Grey Knight Terminators, a Dreadnought and a Dreadknight with a teleporter.

As is to be expected in this sort of thing, the Dreadknight teleported straight up the field to start punching my guys in the face.

My warlord and a combined infantry squad came in at the far end, right by one of the objectives.

While his Warlord decided that a non risky deep strike would probably be wise.

It quickly turned into a brutal fight in hand to hand, with the Terminators trying to carve through all the Guardsmen.

The command squad with melta guns came in to try and grab another objective in some ruins on the far side.

Having carved through the conscripts, priest and psyker, the Dreadknight started tearing the fortification down.

Meanwhile, the command Chimera was ripped to pieces by the Grey Knights.

Having carved through my combined squad and Warlord, the terminators headed for an objective they'd drawn.

The command squad  botched their "Forwards, For the Emperor" roll (which was actually going to be used to run away), leaving them caught in the open.

The vengeful Grey Knight terminators, having lost some colleagues to melta fire, charged in for vengeance, wiping them out.

The Dreadknight finished off the fortification, then stayed on an objective and pushed for linebreaker, leaving only my Leman Russ alive at the end of the battle, and another solid defeat for me!

I still had a lot of fun! I think my army definitely needs some more mobility and more ways of dealing with 2+ armour saves. I shall be having a think about how best to do this in the near future.

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